Every year there is one day set aside for celebrating gratitude. In the past several years I’ve shifted that concept to a daily routine. As I’ve made gratitude a daily exercise in life I have come to a huge realization. Like shooting free throws in basketball, the more you practice, the higher your percentage goes up. Gratitude is exactly the same. If you want to get good at gratitude all you need to do is practice.

So, allow me to lay out all of the things I am grateful for at Just Results Fitness in 2017.

The year started off with a fresh start with Chad, Stephanie, Tyler, Adam and myself having the opportunity to train the area’s most amazing clients. Yes, Just Results has the most amazing clientele. Everyone who comes into our gym keeps our business going. Clients are the life blood of every business and we have the kindest, hardest working, most generous and most loving clients in the world. I know it’s a bold statement. If you would like to validate it please join, become one of our amazing clients and experience it for yourself!

Throughout the year we had some exciting additions to Just Results for which I am grateful. We added several awesome personal trainers. Allen, Iggy, Annie, Michelle and Russell (read their amazing trainer bios here) all joined Just Results Fitness in 2017. Feel free to reach out to them for a complementary week of training.

To share our gratitude with our clients we added two free group classes. A Saturday morning Answer™ class to get an added high intensity workout in on the weekend to carry over all of the hard work done during the week. And a yin yoga class on Wednesday nights, understanding the value of stretching the mind as well as the body. The addition of these classes has been amazing with an average turnout of 20+ people per class!

Another major improvement to the gym we are grateful for is the addition of “Wellness” Wayne. Wayne, a long-time member and training client, approached me and offered his services to revise our website. Little did either one of us know it would turn into an amazing friendship and he would create a premier website for the fitness industry. Thank you, Wayne.

Trainer Joe's ThanksGiving Message gratitudeA huge shift for me this year was cutting back on the one-on-one training I have done for the last decade to focus on bringing The Answer™ to the world. I am so grateful for the love and support of all who have been on this journey with me for the last four years.

Going back to having the most amazing clientele in the world, my friend, mentor, amazing client and inspiration, Juan Padro gave me the opportunity to train a young Josh Barrow. Josh is a division 1 lacrosse player at the University of Delaware. Over the six weeks we trained, Josh made massive improvements, in large part due to The Answer. Josh’s dad, Greg Barrow, CEO of Throwdown Industries, was so impressed by his son’s gains (which are typical for our clients) he has taken a vested interest in bringing The Answer to the world.

It all goes back to our amazing clients. As I look back on the last 10 years I get choked up on the abundance of clients and friends who have blessed me and Just Results Fitness with their kindness, love and generosity.

Here’s how it all began. I opened Just Results Fitness in 2011 with my college friend Nick Gilbreath. I invited my 3rd grade childhood best friend from Creekside Elementary School, Austin Peterson and he came in for a workout with his dad Scott Peterson. I know Greg Barrow because of Josh Barrow and I know Josh because of Juan Padro. I know Juan because of Jeff Suskin and I know Jeff because of Austin. While I’m on a roll and all choked up let me go back just a little further.

I came to Colorado because Bobbie Romero passed away (another story) and Breann and I wanted to raise Layla in Colorado where we both grew up. And to keep following the chain, I knew Bobbie Romero because I knew Kekana Fouret. I knew Kekana because I knew Gary Fouret and I knew Gary because I knew Steve and Linda Fouret. I knew Steve and Linda because I was standing out in front of the gym I started in Idaho. I was standing in front of that gym because of Rebecca Smith who I knew because of Jane Rambo who I knew because Breann DiCarlo gave me a book on personal training written by Dr. Warren Willey (Better Than Steroids) and I took action.

Thank you Breann DiCarlo and thank you everyone who has been part of this amazing journey.  There are many other people’s names I will share in the future for their contributions that got me to this moment in time.

Please come and join the world’s most amazing clients as they invest in the wealth of their health, our most valuable asset.

Infinite Abundance

-Trainer Joe

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