This weekend began like many of my weekends the past 2 years. Wake up early. Meditate. Workout. Train. Lead Answer Class. Pick up Layla. This recipe has been critical in me finding inner peace and self-love. What made this weekend different? Well, let me tell you!

How I met Lindsey Stirling, Mark Ballas and BC Jean

It’s a rare occasion I answer the phone due to my training schedule, but today I was free when the phone rang. Google Voice said Lindsey from Arizona was calling. I answered the call. It was short and sweet.

Me: Hi, this is Trainer Joe. How may I serve you?

Lindsey: Hi. My name is Lindsey and I was wondering if you have day passes to your gym?

Me: Yes. How long will you be in town?

Lindsey: Just today. A friend and I would like to come in. How much will it be?

Me: Awesome. $10 each. What time do you want to come in?

Lindsey: 1:30pm. Do you have treadmills?

Me: We sure do and anything else you need for your training needs.

Lindsey: Perfect! I’ll see you then.

This was the first time in 10 years I have come in to open the gym for someone with a day pass. Lately I’ve been surrendering and saying yes to where universe is leading me. So, Layla and I head over to Just Results to let in Lindsey and her friend.

Back at the gym two of our regulars Chandler and Kristen were crushing an awesome Tyler Porter workout. Layla and I said, “Hello” and she proceeded to work on some crafts. Layla likes to create and Saturday’s crafts were holiday related. We were making custom snowflakes.

Time flew by while we were crafting. When I looked at the clock next it was 1:54pm and there was no sign of Lindsey. We were going to meet Kelly for lunch at 2 pm, so I sent a text to the Arizona number to find out what their plans were.

Me: Good afternoon. This is Joe from Just Results Fitness. Hanging here. Please let me know if you’re still heading in. 🙂

I figured something had come up and they were not going to be able to make it into the gym. No big deal. I was having a blast making snowflakes with Layla.

Three minutes later a call came through.

Me: Hi Lindsey!

Lindsey: Hi. I think we are here at 3400 Industrial Lane, but we can’t find the door.

Me: It’s on the back side of the building.

Lindsey: I see Front Range Timber.

Me: Yup. They’re our neighbor. We’re right next door.

Making New Friends

At that moment, two cute indie chicks and a handsome brother walked around the corner. As I welcomed my new friends into the gym I met BC Jean first. She said, “Cool gym! I don’t normally like gyms, but this place has a great vibe.” I replied, “Thank you!”

Then I met Mark Ballas who looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him. I meet a lot of people doing what I do. I noticed they had lanyards around their neck with what looked like back stage passes to Lindsey Stirling. I asked innocently, “So are you all here for a show at the Broomfield 1stBank Center?”

They laughed and BC Jean said, “We are the show. That is Lindsey Stirling and we are the band opening up for her, Alexander | Jean.  She is amazing and we are pretty awesome ourselves.”

This is where it got real. I had no idea Saturday morning that Lindsey Stirling, Mark Ballas or BC Jean existed—that is at least consciously—and now here they are running on the treadmills at Just Results. Why did I have no idea who they were? About five years ago I stopped watching TV. So, these amazing people were not on my radar.

I went back to making snowflakes with Layla and let them do their thing. Layla and I were sitting on adjacent treadmills cutting away and BC Jean invited us to go to the show. I thought I would love to see a live show. I love music and these three individuals had an amazing, kind and loving vibe.

As they ran and Layla cut I searched YouTube for Lind… and immediately popped up Lindsey Stirling. Funny thing, the most popular Lindsey in the world was here running on a treadmill in my gym and I had no idea who she was.

I wanted to see what the concert would look like so I looked through her videos. 54M views, 42.7M views, 125M views and so on. Turns out I often meditate to instrumental music and I have been meditating to her music on Pandora for over a year! Too funny. Or maybe not when you look at the law of attraction. You get what you think about most of the time. I was stoked for the show!

As Layla and I turned the gym into a winter wonderland, I asked BC Jean what they do for workouts on the road. She said it was tough on the tour bus going from town to town. Good timing as I just finished building some Answers. “Well I’m going to send you on the road with the number one piece of fitness equipment in the universe: The Answer™.”  BC Jean just said she and Mark, her new husband, had an awesome band and they are confident in what they do. I know for a fact The Answer is the best piece of fitness equipment in the universe so I just called it what it is as I’m confident in what I do as well.

I brought out three Answers and showed them a few things they could do on it. My new trainees were in amazing shape and I just let them workout. At that moment, I was filled with so much joy and gratitude. I was there cutting snowflakes with Layla and watching something that was once in my imagination being used by some of America’s most influential people; and they loved it! After they wrapped up their workout, I sent them off with their own Answer, some weights and a hug.

I know I’m giving a lot of details, but I just want to paint the picture in your imagination of what’s possible when you follow your dreams. I will speed through the rest of the day’s miraculous experience.

Kelly, Layla, and I went for lunch. After taking Layla home, Kelly and I hit our own Answer workout before heading over to the “Warmer in the Winter” concert.

Warmer in the Winter Concert

BC Jean and Mark’s band Alexander | Jean was incredible. Both have amazing passion and love what they do and love one another. On top of it all their voices were amazing. I especially enjoyed listening to ‘Roses and Violets’. I was also touched by Mark’s message about following your dream.

Mark said, “Get used to the No’s because they will lead you to a Yes.” Earlier that day I received a “Yes” from these guys to do an Answer workout and they liked it enough to take it on tour with them! Validating what I already knew: The Answer is bad ass! All of the No’s I’ve received on the journey are now converting to Yes’s!

Lindsey came on stage next and blew my mind with her music, humor, talent, passion and the amazing show she put on. My favorite part was her vulnerability. Not only did I not know her at the start of the day, but I sat in the front row and listened to her talk about her journey to find self-love.

Who knew this beautiful woman dealt with an eating disorder and couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. I know how she felt. It’s so amazing to see others around me finding the self-love that we all deserve.

Sharing the Wealth of Health

That is what my entire goal is with The Answer: For every person in America and beyond to have the opportunity to access a full gym where ever they are. The Answer provides a whole-body workout and I want everyone to have access to personal training where ever they are and regardless of their budget.

As I continue to pursue my personal legend, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the wealth of health with everyone I meet. I am so excited for the day Answers are in every gym, hotel, recreation center and home so that I can share with everyone the training we all deserve.

A huge thank you to BC Jean, Mark, Lindsey and everyone else I’ve trained past, present and future.


-Trainer Joe

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